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Home CPR Parties

Hosting A "Party"

You've probably heard of "plastic bowl" parties, cooking parties, panty parties, makeup parties, and even romance parties. But have you ever thought about a party that might actually benefit you, your family AND the community? Our guess is one of those other "Parties" never saved a life! Bring together your group of at least 5, but not more then 10 participants for a CPR "Party", and we'll give the host/ hostess their course for FREE!

Who Should Host A Party?

  • Friends - Host a "CPR Party" for your regular group of friends and switch it up from just the usual event
  • Realtors - Host a "CPR Party" for your current buyers
  • Homeowner Associations - Host a quarterly "CPR Party" for all your new homeowners
  • Employers - Host a "CPR Party" for your busy executives and their significant others
  • Sales Managers - Host a party for your top producers, centers of influence or largest clients
  • Families - Host a "CPR Party" at your next family reunion, picnic or milestone birthday party
  • New Grandparents - Host a "CPR Party" for your newly extended family
  • Non-Profits - Host a small "CPR Party" for your top fund-raisers or donors as a way to say Thank You
  • Financial Advisors - Host a party for your newest or most valued clients

Course Description

Our ultimate goal of a CPR "Party" is to educate as many people as possible in CPR and to save as many lives as possible! What better way to do that than to make learning as fun as possible, in a casual, party atmosphere. And do it in just about 2 hours!

The Setting

That's why we are going to offer Friends & Family CPR and First Aid Courses in a "Party" format in the home, church, community center or other appropriate venue) where you and your friends can feel free and comfortable to fellowship and have fun while you learn a very valuable life -saving skill!

No Written Tests... Just Fun

There is no written testing for Heartsaver CPR. We will however, still be practicing on the manikins to insure that each participant is comfortable and skilled in CPR before the course is complete!

The Books

The book is highly recommended, but it is not requited. It comes with a CD-ROM that contains helpful videos for practicing CPR at home after the class. That way you can refresh your memory anytime before your next recertification after two years.

It's A Party!

So yes, you can serve food and drink if you choose to. We provide breaks during the education, and after all, what type of party would it be without food? (However, we do ask that you help us to keep the learning session effective and wait till after the class to serve acohol).

What Does This "Party" Cost Me?

Is there any cost to saving a life of a friend or family member? Absolutely not. However, we do ask for a small fee for holding this instructional period as part of your "Party".

  • Heartsaver: $65/person (includes mandatory textbook)
  • Healthcare Provider: $70/person (includes mandatory textbook)
And of course, the cost of any party favors, food, drinks or prizes you supply to your party- goers.

The Host/Hostess gets their CPR certification FREE with a minimum of 5 paying participants. A minimum of 5 persons, to a maximum of 10 persons per party is requested, as long as sufficient room exists to conduct practice sessions, and all participants can see the TV in a comfortable setting.

What's Included?

All the skills that you would learn in a Heartsaver or Healthcare Provider class, depending on which one your home party is geared toward. Everyone in the home party will get the same level of certification.

What do you need?

A large open room, with a TV and DVD player, a few good friends, some food and/or drink, and a few hours to learn this life saving skill.

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